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Why ProIntelligence?


- We are Professionals

- We are Intelligent

- We collect and provide the Best Intelligence, Investigation and Protection


Our Motto“We do not charge for our services, you only pay for your own satisfaction after we have solved all your problems “.


Who are We?


ProIntelligence Agency, established in the beginning of 2012, offers the best possible security services.


We are a company of experienced Criminal Investigators, Intelligence Agents and Bodyguards with years of service in Police Forces, Intelligence Community, Protection Office of Ministry of Interior (an equivalent of the Secret Service and Bureau of Diplomatic Security in the US) – see our Gallery




ProInetlligence Agency specializes in Private and Corporate Investigations, Bodyguarding and Surveillance. We provide superior services to embassies, law firms, banks, companies and private individuals.


We can provide critical investigations into all aspects of the defense case, which include location of witnesses, statements, evaluation, evidence collection and review, independent analysis, background investigations, crime scene investigations, documentation analysis, as well as other services as required by the client.


We can also provide personal protection for VIPs, their family members, and individuals or groups of people at the highest security level. In our former professional life we protected a number of VIPs, including Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Beatrix of the Netherlands, Elizabeth II, Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin and many others. (See our Gallery and check out our Certificates).




- Detective (Investigation’s)

- Intelligence (Information’s)

- Evidence

- Personal Protection

- Special Operations


ProIntelligence Agency specializes in criminal investigations. We conduct timely and thorough investigations in the following areas that may involve alleged criminal activity:



Corporate Crimes


Currency & Securities

Due Diligence





Money Laundering


Public Corruption


Sexual Assault & Harassment





We will gather whatever intelligence you need, with accuracy and in timely manner, and present it in a clear and concise report. We accept a broad range of assignments to serve various investigative needs.  Our Agency guarantees an absolute confidentiality for our clients.


We are capable to:

  • Accident investigations
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Address search & verification
  • Adultery investigation
  • Affidavits taken
  • Affiliation checks
  • Arrest procedures– consulting
  • Arson investigations
  • Articles of incorporation searches
  • Asset searches & verification
  • Automobile registration verification
  • Bankruptcy record searches & verification
  • Background Check – investigations
  • Birth records verification
  • Bodyguarding – Personal protection
  • Business / Competitor Evaluations
  • Business records
  • Civil case investigations
  • Civil / Criminal Records
  • Computer forensics
  • Computer threat matrix evaluations
  • Consulting – all security aspects
  • Copyright searches and investigations
  • Corporate investigation
  • Corporate officer search & verification
  • Credit background investigations
  • Credit card records analysis
  • Criminal defense investigations
  • Database Investigative Services
  • Death records searches & verification
  • Debtor tracing
  • Debt collections support
  • Divorce records searches & verification
  • Document verification & analysis
  • Drivers records searches & verification
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Education verification
  • Employment records searches & verification
  • Executive and personal protection
  • Financial records analysis
  • Financial Review & Profiles
  • Fraud investigations
  • Hand writing examination & analysis
  • Insurance investigations (Homicide-Arson-Theft-Fraud-Accident-etc.)
  • Intellectual property (trademark–gray market–counterfeiting) investigations
  • Interviewing of persons
  • Licensing and merchandising investigations
  • Lien searches & verification
  • Lifestyle Assessments & Gardening Leave
  • Litigation damage assessments
  • Litigation (party) search
  • Locate hidden assets
  • Locate missing persons
  • Medical claims
  • Marriage records searches
  • Missing heir searches & locates
  • Mortgage/Title searches & verification
  • Motor vehicle records searches
  • Name searches
  • Newspaper searches
  • Personal background investigations
  • Personal protection – Bodyguarding
  • Phone records– cellular & land lines analysis
  • Pre / Past-Employment investigations
  • Pre-Litigation investigations
  • Professional license & certifications verification
  • Public official investigations
  • Real property searches & records retrieval services
  • Reference verifications
  • Repossessions
  • Security surveys & planning
  • Service of Process and documents
  • Search and seizure review–consulting
  • State records
  • Statements taken
  • Subject Profiling
  • Surveillance
  • Trademark infringement investigations
  • Unemployment records check
  • Unfaithful spouse – collecting evidence
  • Unlawful detained & false arrest investigations
  • Vehicle records
  • Vehicle tracking (cellular, satellite)
  • Video surveillance (rural and city)
  • Witness searches & locates


Special Services – Surveillance

  • Covert Surveillance Operations
  • Counter Surveillance
  • TSCM (Counter-Electronic Surveillance)
  • Protective Surveillance
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Undercover Operations





Other Credentials



Member of Internationale Professions Associations 


- WAPI – World Association of Professional Investigators

- IBA – International Bodyguard Association

- IBS – International Bodyguard Service – soon





- the Embassy of Israel in Bratislava

- the British Embassy Bratislava

- the Royal Thai Embassy Vienna

- the German Embassy Bratislava

- the Netherlands Embassy in Bratislava






Telephone – Cell: 

+421 903 500 775






Post Address:

ProIntelligence s.r.o.

Wolkrova 35

SK 851 01  Bratislava